Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bay to Breakers 2016

The largest and craziest party in San Francisco once again hit the streets of San Francisco on Sunday.
And some people decided to bare all as a result.
Much to the delight of some spectators.
Although its a race, Bay to Breakers is really a crazy, costume street party for all San Franciscans to enjoy.
The crowds are overwhelming.
People share drinks (non alcoholic of course!)
The race attracts people from all over the galaxy...
...ALL over the galaxy.
You never know what you will see...
...and thats what makes it so much fun as a photographer.
Here is a video of the scene in San Francisco on Sunday:

 For more photos, check out the SFGate story.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

UC Berkeley Cal Graduation Commencement Ceremony

There is something magical about a university graduation ceremony. It was an honor to be the photographer for Cal Athletics during the 2016 undergraduate commencement ceremony at UC Berkeley.
 At the start of the commencement the graduates marched into Cal Memorial Stadium filling almost the whole field. Friends and family packed almost half the 100,000 seats in the stands. 
 Some of the top graduates, including star student-athlete Rachel Acker (center waving), were lucky enough to be on stage during the commencement.
 Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg gave an emotional keynote speech for the graduates...
...which was warmly received. 
 Some students decorated their caps with important messages.
 Each school of the university asked the students to rise up and be honored for their hard work...
...and many students could not contain their excitement....
at the end of the ceremony. When they were confirmed to be graduates, hundreds of students threw their caps into the sky. 

Congrats to all the UC Berkeley undergraduates of 2016!

For more photos of the student athletes graduating in 2016, please click here.

Monday, April 18, 2016

1906 earthquake commemoration ceremony at Lotta's fountain

A couple of hundred people came together to honor the victims and survivors of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

The ceremonies were MC'ed by Bob Sarlatte and featured former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown.

Many of the people  in the ceremony were dressed in period gear.  You can view a video of the ceremony below: 

For more photos read the SFGATE story.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Let it rain! El Niño brings much needed relief to San Francisco

The big story of year so far in the Bay Area are the El Niño rains that FINALLY arrived this month.  The constant rainstorms (11 storms so far in January) will hopefully break the multi-year drought in California.
 I've regularly been out and about the streets of San Francisco grabbing photos (and videos) of the rain for weather articles on the SFGate.
I love shooting feature photos in the rain.  It's a bit of a challenge because I usually end up taking my images in the same several block radius around the Chronicle building.  However, if you keep your eyes open and your camera ready, there are fresh photographs to grab everywhere.
 Around the Powell Street cable car turnaround, the lighting can be exceptionally beautiful before the sun rises.
And you never know what unusual sight you might see on the turnaround!

Some of the rains storms have packed high winds...
...and some have a deluge of rain.
In others storms, the precipitation is so light you barely need to carry an umbrella.
I don't think I'm alone in hoping the rainstorms continue for months!

Just make sure to have your proper rain gear to help you stay dry!

If you have a few seconds more, check out this video I took last week of a rainy commute in San Francisco:

Monday, December 7, 2015

Union Square menorah lighting ceremony

 One of my favorite annual events to photograph in San Francisco is the lighting of the 25-foot tall Bill Graham menorah in Union Square.   
 Every year Rabbi Yosef Langer, executive director of Chabad of S.F. lights the menorah.  But first he lights candles through the crowd with a large torch.
 bringing light and smiles in his wake.
 After that, Rabbi Langer climbs the stairs and lights the menorah.
If you get a chance check out one of the nights before hanukkah ends!
Also view more photos here.

Monday, November 30, 2015

2016 Cal Football Season

It was a fun season photographing the Cal football team which had its first winning season in several years.
Lead by projected first round pick quarterback Jared Goff the Cal offense was a high-octane affair always fun to watch.
 They packed the fans into the stadium.
And delivered plenty of cheers even in games they came short.

 Besides the action on the field I loved photographing the action in the stands...
...and during halftime.
 But nothing was as amazing as the final home game for Cal when they came from behind to beat Arizona State on a last second field goal.
 One of the most incredible football games I've ever photographed and a ton of fun.
Looking forward towards next season!!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

A look behind the lens: photographing the Cal women's golf team

I'm one of the photographers for UC Berkeley sports department. I take head shots and group photos of different teams throughout the academic year. On photo day for the Cal Women's Golf program, the school took video of the event.  You can watch me in action, behind the lens, above!

Above: one of the fun group photographs I took of the team.  Here are the rest of the group photos.